Positive reactions to the GLI bootcamp 2023: ‘The sessions were super insightful.’

Access to financial capital for female entrepreneurs is one of the strategic priorities of the Dutch Good Growth Fund (DGGF). In the past, we have therefore supported several gender related technical assistance and business development projects, which were often well appreciated. To follow up on this priority, Value for Women and Tetra Tech organized a Gender Lens Investing Bootcamp for investees of DGGF from 13 to 15 June 2023. In this way, our portfolio empowers to effectively provide capital to and support women-led businesses: ‘We left the bootcamp with a minimum viable product of our own gender lens.’

Image: ©Dutch Good Growth Fund

A mixed programme in Amsterdam

The bootcamp took place in Amsterdam and had 22 participants. A mixed programme was created, combining classroom trainings with case studies, breakout sessions and relevant guest speakers. One of the participants said afterwards: ‘There was the opportunity to apply the theory directly to our own funds and ways of doing things.’

The first day of the bootcamp focused on introducing the gender roadmap and applying a gender lens during the pre-investment phase. Subsequently, day 2 focused on internal diversity at the fund level and strategies for encouraging portfolio companies. ‘The bootcamp gave me a better understanding of how to bring relevant stakeholders on board.’ Finally, day 3 focused on effectively developing a gender roadmap.

Image: ©Dutch Good Growth Fund

Enthusiastic participants and clear next steps

Bootcamp participants were generally very enthusiastic about the programme. 88 percent of the participants rated the quality and relevance of the GLI bootcamp with a 4 or 5 on a scale of 5. In particular, the sessions on gender-lens investing during the pre-investment phase and engaging portfolio companies in gender diversity were deemed useful. Also, as one participant mentioned: ‘It was helpful to learn about useful tool and frameworks that can be incorporated in what we are doing.’

In addition, the gender roadmapping exercise and the group discussions were also considered very enjoyable. The bootcamp thus led to some great follow-up steps for participants. ‘We want to develop a fund level GLI strategy based on the minimal viable product we developed throughout the bootcamp. We foresee to implement a gender lens across our fund’s investment process and review our impact measurement strategy, to ensure that we are collecting the appropriate gender metrics from our portfolio companies.

Lastly, of course, there was plenty of room for networking breaks, which were happily taken advantage of: ‘Very valuable to have the opportunity to connect with other funds. Generally, everyone was interested and super engaged!