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  1. DGGF Inclusive Growth in DRC

    Inclusive growth is an important strategic priority for DGGF Financing local SMEs. By working with local partners that take ...

    Video | 20-06-2023

  2. Animation video intervention logic

    Video | 28-04-2023

  3. “The Entrepreneur Stories - Women’s Day Edition”: A socially responsible agribusiness in the Madagascan highlands

    Video | 07-03-2022

  4. “The Entrepreneur Stories”: Ice production for the Ugandan fishing industry

    The Entrepreneur Stories series shows a glimpse of the activities of the DGGF SMEs financed. This time we introduce Norman ...

    Video | 16-02-2022

  5. Entrepreneur Stories Trung Son Pharma Vietnam

    The Entrepreneur Stories series show a glimpse of the business- and daily activities of the DGGF SMEs financed. This time Truong ...

    Video | 03-12-2021

  6. Mini-documentary about sustainable fashion label J LABEL

    A mini-documentary about sustainable fashion company J Label. A company that stands for women's empowerment. With the help of RVO ...

    Video | 24-03-2021

  7. Creating impact in frontier markets

    Video | 18-02-2021

  8. Enabling youth entrepreneurs in Africa

    GoodsMart in Egypt delivers quality food from several providers to people's homes. This saves people the hassle of going to the ...

    Video | 21-10-2020

  9. FERM’s professional product range competes successfully

    FERM is a Dutch power tool manufacturer that has been in operation since 1965. Most of FERM’s DIY tools are sold in the ...

    Video | 21-08-2020

  10. Making bags in Bangladesh

    At a company in Bangladesh, handmade bags, belts and wallets are made. These products are made from coloured leather and nappa ...

    Video | 23-04-2020

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