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  1. Indian Khaloom weaves sustainable textiles

    India has a rich tradition in textile production. With the company Khaloom, textiles expert Hema Ramakrishnan aims to preserve ...

    News item | 17-03-2021 | 13:15

  2. Kiitos stimulates IT talent from the Middle East and North Africa

    Software company Kiitos receives funding from the Netherlands Enterprise Agency’s International Financing programme. The company ...

    News item | 11-03-2021 | 17:36

  3. DGGF celebrates International Women’s Day with Alitheia IDF

    With their mission to invest at least 50% of their portfolio in women-led or women-owned businesses, Alitheia IDF became part of ...

    News item | 08-03-2021 | 16:45

  4. Creating impact in frontier markets

    Since the launch of DGGF Financing local SMEs in 2014, the fund has had a positive impact for entrepreneurs in over 60 countries. ...

    News item | 18-02-2021 | 16:29

  5. Tailored supply chain solutions during Nigerian lockdown

    To help the Nigerian population during lockdown, local enterprise SKLD Integrated Services (SKLD) expanded their services. They ...

    News item | 29-01-2021 | 14:39

  6. Tea farmers benefit from changes in the tea market

    Frank About Tea wanted to see whether value could be added to tea products in their country of origin. The Netherlands Enterprise ...

    News item | 07-01-2021 | 18:02

  7. Provide much needed funding despite global pandemic

    DGGF has been investing in IPAE II since early 2019.

    News item | 21-12-2020 | 16:01

  8. Making fair slippers in good working conditions

    To prove that it is possible to manufacture clothing in developing countries in an ethical and sustainable way, Kingdom of Wow ...

    News item | 04-12-2020 | 09:59

  9. Innovative business models closing the gender gap Myanmar

    By empowering women and girls, enterprises are creating long-lasting positive impact. In 2018, the SC&BD facility provided a ...

    News item | 27-11-2020 | 17:40

  10. Enabling youth entrepreneurs in Africa

    DGGF is committed to helping young entrepreneurial talent across Africa. DGGF’s investment in Sawari Ventures allowed the fund to ...

    News item | 29-10-2020 | 09:00