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  1. Efforts for SDG 8: Decent work and economic growth

    In 2015 the United Nations (UN)  adopted the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s). Implementing the SDGs will facilitate basic ...

    News item | 31-05-2021 | 14:46

  2. DGGF Anual Report 2020

    In 2020, DGGF has made a positive impact with various projects. We measure this positive impact every year. In this DGGF Anual ...

    News item | 31-05-2021 | 12:00

  3. A new irrigation system for farmers in Sudan

    Mohammed Al Fakee is the owner of the start-up Green Wheel Tech. He hopes to change the way many farmers irrigate their crops. He ...

    News item | 29-04-2021 | 13:10

  4. Healthcare pioneers investing in East Africa

    The need for healthcare investments in East Africa is undeniable and something that deserves attention today on World Health Day. ...

    News item | 07-04-2021 | 15:09

  5. A successful sustainable fashion label managed and made by women

    J LABEL is a sustainable Dutch fashion company. The company’s clothes are responsible manufactured in India for sale in Europe. ...

    News item | 24-03-2021 | 12:25

  6. Indian Khaloom weaves sustainable textiles

    India has a rich tradition in textile production. With the company Khaloom, textiles expert Hema Ramakrishnan aims to preserve ...

    News item | 17-03-2021 | 13:15

  7. Kiitos stimulates IT talent from the Middle East and North Africa

    Software company Kiitos receives funding from the Netherlands Enterprise Agency’s International Financing programme. The company ...

    News item | 11-03-2021 | 17:36

  8. DGGF celebrates International Women’s Day with Alitheia IDF

    With their mission to invest at least 50% of their portfolio in women-led or women-owned businesses, Alitheia IDF became part of ...

    News item | 08-03-2021 | 16:45

  9. Creating impact in frontier markets

    Since the launch of DGGF Financing local SMEs in 2014, the fund has had a positive impact for entrepreneurs in over 60 countries. ...

    News item | 18-02-2021 | 16:29

  10. Tailored supply chain solutions during Nigerian lockdown

    To help the Nigerian population during lockdown, local enterprise SKLD Integrated Services (SKLD) expanded their services. They ...

    News item | 29-01-2021 | 14:39